Naomi L.
I went into this store yesterday after work. This store has a beautiful inviting energy. I had a reading from Vikter Solis who was spot on. I even felt his Grandma around us. The store is small but it is beautifully arranged. I wish they had a little more crystals to choose from. They do have candles, books, some tumbled crystals, incense, tarot and oracle cards. I prefer this place over Maven's Moon in Fort Worth.
Katherine V.
A really lovely little locally owned store with a variety of books, crystals, jewelry, herbs, incenses and all sorts of other stuff. It's decently sized and offers a lot of merchandise, well organized and beautifully displayed. The person behind the counter was helpful and made sure we knew they were there if we had questions without being pushy. I love the signage around the store explaining different things (tenants of the shop, what items were used for) and the fact that they have giving back to other local businesses offered.
Valerie Rivera
My daughter and I went to Bewitched for the first time today. The auroa was zen and the staff was nice and helpful. We walked away with several crystals and tea. Definitely plan to go back soon for more.
Charlotte Bell
It’s the most amazing, beautiful space. Everyone is so helpful and knowledgeable. The store is immaculate and the energy radiates calm and lovely. I can’t get enough of it.
Briana “Supernova” Byrd
Amazing staff that was beyond helpful, Gi and Clinton were especially helpful and welcoming!!!! They answered all my questions and were happy to do so. i cant begin to explain how amazing the vibes were. Definitely an ethical metaphysical store
Gina Kent
I fell in love with Bewitched when it was still sharing its home with loft laser. Finally got to go into the new shop on Bryan St. today and absolutely fell in love with the new location. The energy is very welcoming and the layout doesn't feel overwhelming at all. Great variety of tumbles with a price friendly to anyone! Can't wait to go back!
Arrie Bee
Love the new, bigger location! They have tons of crystals, books, and other things for both the serious practitioner and enthusiast alike. They also offer classes and tarot readings.
Ava Deleski
Great witch shop in Denton with crystals, a selection of pocket-size food-grade herb packets (perfect for spells), tarot and oracle decks, god-themed candles, metaphysical literature, jewelry and more! They also have a reader who does card readings on the days they are available. Place had an affirming vibe, stating on the window that "This small business believes in magick, social justice, and love in all its forms". Staff were polite and respectful - weren't stalking me over my shoulder, but were always ready to help with anything. Definitely will be back!
Sparky M Lavender
Has become a fan favorite of my family. Staff is helpful and knowledgeable. The whole store is welcoming and very new comer friendly. They give back to the community as well and that's wonderful. A great local place for all your metaphysical needs